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Breathe electronic cigarette mods let users modify their e-cigarette experiences. Once you have the essentials, mods will take your vape experience to the next level of sophistication. Breathe e-cig mods are designed to enhance flavor, add smoothness, increase vapor and extend battery life and performance. Here at Breathe Intelligent Cigarettes we offer a variety of mods for every user's tastes. The Breathe Mod kit contains interchangeable tanks and batteries letting the vape fan customize their experience. The Breath iFancy and Breathe Chain Reaction are the latest in advanced personal vapors putting the vape user in control of wattage and voltage via their electronic screens. The new Breathe iFancy, a powerful mod, blows an immense vapor cloud. Experienced vape users will want to check out our mechanical mods - the Jignator, the Nemesis and the Breathe B100 Telescopic - for durability and a unique style. Breath Intelligent Cigarette personalizes your vape use with a variety of electronic or mechanical mods that lets you control and enhance your e-cigarette experience.

Box Mods and Tanks - iFancy & Donner 22 - Review by Mike Vapes

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